Why Is Shadow Carriage More Than A Luxury Car Service?

Luxury Car Service

When people think, “Shadow Carriage”, they think of a lot of things. “Elite car service”, “Chauffeur service”, and such things. That’s all true. We are a professional chauffeur service. That is our business; that is what we do.

But are we more than that? Are we more than just a luxury car hire with a chauffeur?

Breaking the Mould

It can be easy to label a service like ours as just an ‘expensive taxi’, but it’s so much more than that.

What you get is a chauffeur. Hand on foot, a chauffeur will be there. They will drive, they will assist you, they will carry and load your luggage… But any regular old chauffeur does that, what sets ours apart is that what other chauffeurs might consider going the extra mile is what our chauffeurs consider going the usual distance. And when our chauffeurs go the extra mile, you will know.

They will cater to your every whim, and they will do so in a manner that will seem seamless and totally natural. Which makes for a brilliant service experience.

Multifaceted Luxury

You’re looking at us because you want exquisite service. Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t? For us, it’s not enough that we provide you with an opulent car to travel in. Our cars are maintained to perfection to ensure that you get a smooth and uninterrupted ride. If you sit in any car from our fleet, you will witness this yourself.

And it’s not enough that you get a luxury car to travel in, we also want to spoil you for choice.

From a more subtle model of class like a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, to a more on the nose experience with a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. And if you want to go to a whole other level, we also keep a fleet of Rolls Royce Ghosts and Phantom, to give you that royal, on-top-of-the-world feeling.

Also, if it isn’t just you, we also offer the Mercedes V-Class vehicle to accommodate you and your friends/family in a spacious setting.

Next-level Accommodation

If we were just an ‘expensive taxi service’, we’d pick you up and drop you off and that would be it. Nothing else. But with decades of industry experience, and adapting to the modern era, we have developed a wonderful team that is always ready to help you with booking our services and making sure that you travel well.

You will be kept apprised of anything and everything relevant to your journey. From routes to distances, to travel times, and so much more. Getting you to and from is our responsibility and getting you there with the utmost security and comfort is our duty too.

A Consideration To Security

Speaking of security, we emphasise making sure that our client is not just comfortable but also safe. After all, you are putting your trust in us to get you from A to B. As such, it is on us to see to it that no harm even thinks about coming near you.

Another facet of safety that has evolved into our business during this pandemic is the safety of your internal health. The pandemic has been extremely isolating for us all. And for good reason. So, we make sure that we follow all sanitisation and social distancing procedures. Our cars are sanitised constantly. After all, what other chauffeurs consider going the extra mile is the norm for us.

The Pursuit of Perfection

If our clients were to say that they were satisfied, we would consider that a failure. The standards that we set for ourselves tend towards perfection. As people say, perfection isn’t real but the pursuit of it is more than real, and it is something that we always aim for here at shadow carriages.


In short, we are an elite company with a magnificent fleet of cars. However, not just the word “elite” is synonymous with our name, but the words “secure” and “comfortable” also go hand-in-hand with us. And that is what sets us truly apart from everyone else.