Tourist attractions in London other than the British Grand Prix

Tourist attractions in London other than the British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix is one of the globally celebrated events the country has to offer. Thousands of spectator’s flock towards Silverstone to witness this magnificent event. And millions view it on their screens.

British Grand Prix is amongst the many prominent attractions the country has to offer. All you got to do is get the ticket and reach the venue. However, accessibility to the venue becomes challenging for some.

When events like British Grand Prix happen, it puts up the demand for transportation facilities. With so many people wanting to be at the venue, the taxi prices may hike up. And you’d be lucky if you get one easily in the first place.

Hunting a taxi, paying a high price, and having difficulty reaching the venue can be exhausting. It can be tiresome and can kill the excitement for something as big as the British Grand Prix.

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There are so many exciting activities you may plan around Silverstone. Thus, British Grand Prix isn’t the most exciting event the place has to offer.

Other Events

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed

One thing, as car and speed enthusiasts, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can catch the Goodwood Festival of Speed as well. This is another brilliant car event that’s the center of attention for millions of people globally.

If you wish to go there, our drivers can take you there as well. No worries.

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  • Silverstone F1 Concert

Another great event that the spectators of the British Grand Prix can visit. The Silverstone F1 Concert offers tons of exciting music performed by famous artists. The event is filled with electrifying energy that’ll crackle up your body!

Other than the events, Silverstone has a lot to offer. You might want to enjoy a refreshing meal and a cup of warm coffee to soothe you. But you might be clueless about where to go.

With our drivers at your service, you are in safe hands. Our drivers will guide you to the best places for whatever activity you’d like.

Bonus for families

Those who are visiting with their families can book a Mercedes Viano. It is a comfortable ride that’ll accommodate more members than a usual sedan. With our service, you can have a great time with your family. You’ll not have to worry one bit about the travels and related services.

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Final Thoughts

British Grand Prix and other events are a treat to watch. But the surge in taxi demands put a burden on the transportation service. As a result, people often have an unpleasant experience.

If you wish to reach Silverstone comfortably or be chauffeured around the city with absolute luxury, then book our services. We are open 24/7 throughout the year!