We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Transport is responsible for a quarter of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and we are totally committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Our current fleet comprises of Mercedes E Class assisted with Hybrid technology which further helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on our environment.

With careful route planning this significantly helps to reduce vehicle movements, mileage and carbon. Our booking technology allows us to promote sustainable ground travel options for all of our private & corporate clients who need to get from A to B in comfort, style and with our car sharing options this also helps to reduce carbon foot print.

For over a decade we have been investing in Hybrid technology for our prestige fleet of Mercedes E Class, along with our continued investment in latest technology for our customer support team. We feel this is hugely important for our business which clearly demonstrates the most effective means of reducing carbon footprint through strategic use of our booking & despatch systems helping us to control and avoid excessive use of fuel and non-essential mileage.

The Nature of Shadow Carriage’s business dictates the use of luxury vehicles and therefore restricts flexibility when purchasing vehicles for our prestigious fleet of Mercedes Benz Cars. Following extensive research we have chosen to predominate our fleet with Mercedes vehicles, as tests have shown that Mercedes models are on average over 75% recyclable- considerably greener than most of other car manufacturers in their class, and therefore less damaging to the environment.

Shadow are committed to continued research on our hybrid-Electric fleet, latest technology, staff training that will help us to reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions impacting our world today.