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Professional Chauffeur Services Berkshire, London

Our chauffeur service goes beyond expectations to deliver the very best VIP experience professional, comfortable and reliable. Shadow Carriage has a fleet of sublime cars available for chauffeur services around London and the South-East. Whether you need a Mercedes S-Class or a Rolls-Royce Ghost to get you from A to B, our chauffeurs will transport you in pure luxury.

We aim to exceed your expectations when you choose to make use of our services and the quality of our chauffeurs stands as a testament to this dedication.

Our chauffeurs receive in-house training and can provide clients with information about the journey ahead, such as airport departure times and news about possible delays. They also have their fingers on the pulse of London, ensuring that they can plan for traffic to select the best route to your destination.

Professionalism and quality come as standard with our team, with each of our chauffeurs being capable of servicing all of your ground travel requirements.

Professional Chauffeur Services

We welcome you at Shadow Carriage, where you can make the most of your journey with our stunning cars. Our expertise in this industry has made us the best at what we do, and we guarantee you a premium private chauffeur service.

Our fleet of extravagant cars will never disappoint you, and you are sure to experience a comfortable and smooth ride when you are on the road.


Offering You The Best

At Shadow Carriage, we do not settle for less, and that’s our aim for our esteemed customers as well. Why settle for less when you can get our extraordinary services and enjoy a premium ride?

Bid farewell to basic cabs and level up your travel with our high-end cars. Have no reservations with us as we offer you nothing but the best


Luxury Chauffeur-Driven Cars

No matter how great a car is, if it doesn’t have a skilled driver, the passengers can never have a satisfying journey. To ensure that you never encounter this problem, we handpick our chauffeurs.

They are well-trained and make sure that your journey is everything that you wish for.


Comfort And Style In Check

Travelling in style does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. Our offered cars are the epitome of both. You can enjoy a relaxing journey and also be able to wow everyone with your grand entrance in a deluxe car.


Highly Experienced Chauffeurs

Experience plays a significant role in the job of a chauffeur. The duty of a chauffeur is not just opening and closing the door and driving the car but also to make sure that the passenger is comfortable throughout the ride.

An experienced chauffeur is welcoming and caters to the passenger’s needs. They should be open to communication and can deal with strangers. This is why all our chauffeurs come with a plethora of experience that makes them superb at their jobs.

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Punctuality can make or break a business. Without this trait, businesses can never flourish. Hence, our drivers are highly punctual.

They will always arrive at your service before time so that you do not end up wasting a second of your precious time. With Shadow Carriage, you never have to worry about being late to a business meeting or missing a flight.


Corporate Solutions

Travelling for business meetings and corporate trips can be pretty tiring. That’s where we come in to make your journey somewhat delightful. We have a bunch of spacious cars like the Mercedes E-Class, which can accommodate four passengers.

A comfortable ride in the state of the art seating, in-car facilities, and a professional chauffeur will be quite relaxing for you and help you unwind.


24/7 Availability

Our services are available round the clock. So if you have a flight in the middle of the night, worry not, for Shadow Carriage is just one call away!

We can cater to your travelling needs 24/7 and take you to your destination in no time.

Nothing Beats Shadow Carriage

These exemplary services make us the master of our field. Hire our executive chauffeur-driven cars today and rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and delivering a high quality and professional service every time.

We also offer luxury minibus hire around London and the South-East, so if you are planning a larger trip for a group, get in touch for a quote today!



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