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These days there is no shortage of automobile makers or automobile models that claim the term luxury as an accurate descriptor. Auto companies use the term so frequently to describe models across the industry – including midrange and inexpensive vehicles – that for many consumers the term has lost most, if not all, of its meaning.

However, there is one maker whose vehicles carry an ingrained reputation of superlative quality hard won with more than a century of making some of the best autos in the world, and therefore does not need terms like luxury to describe their products, because their name is already synonymous with magnificence. That company is Rolls-Royce. However, in todays marketplace, every new model, and new model update year after year, is subject to scrutiny amongst a discerning public – especially from a company with a reputation like Rolls-Royce.

The Rolls-Royce Drophead

The Rolls-Royce Drophead

One of the more recent releases from the venerable motor manufacturer is the Drophead Coupe, which made its first appearance in 2007. The Drophead model is based on the now iconic Phantom, However, the Drophead builds on the Phantoms updating the unique brilliance. These are some of the more nitty-gritty details of this contemporary Rolls model:


The Drophead is, admittedly, not a small, sporty vehicle. However, the steering is more than sufficiently responsive whether hurtling down a motorway or manoeuvring through the congested streets of a city centre. The style and grace of the vehicle are apparent not only by its exterior and interior appearance, but also the way this sizable car handles.

As far as power is concerned, it does take a fairly robust engine to satisfactorily propel the Drophead, and the 6.75 litre V12 is certainly suitable for the job. Any Rolls-Royce driver should expect a good deal of smoothness, which this vehicle does provide. While this Rolls is definitely powerful and fun for motorway driving and provides enough oomph to easily pass cars when necessary this is not a vehicle with which to try and set any land speed records.


Drivers and passengers will find the Drophead wonderfully spacious in the front seats, with the impeccable design, world-class materials and unbeatable overall shrewdness and thoughtfulness of design only adds to the rich experience of this ultra-luxury vehicle. When the top comes down, passengers in the rear seats, not having the benefit of proximity of the windshield that the front seats have, may find conditions a bit windy. However when the top is up this Phantom variation provides an unusually calm, tranquil ride – especially for a convertible.


It has long been the case that the audio system is a central feature for many car buyers, and the Drophead delivers on this front with a LOGIC7 sound system – a system which is well known amongst the audiophile community, as well as the luxury car community, for delivering a rich, immersive listening experience – whether you are listening to music, podcasts, television or movie dialogue through the surround sound speakers. Speaking of television and movies, the 8.8 display offers intuitive menus, video entertainment as well as navigation, not too mention numerous other infotainment options.

Other interior features include 8-zone air conditioning, front and rear cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, keyless start and a refrigerated glove box. Other standard features include front and rear parking sensors, daytime running lights, dynamic stability control and traction control, illuminated door handles, keyless entry and much more. Keep in mind these are just the standard features and there is also a massive list of optional features for a bespoke Rolls-Royce.

For most car models, the main question amongst the car buying market is whether or not a particular years version is with buying. However, in the case of a Rolls-Royce it is also a question as to whether a model is worthy of the makers name and legacy: a legacy of comfort, features, drivability and most of all style that is leagues ahead of just about every other car on the road. The Rolls-Royce Drophead is a model that not only lives up to the Rolls-Royce name but takes its already lofty reputation even further.

Rolls Royce Dophead Hire

Drophead Rolls Royce

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