Reasons To Love The British Grand Prix

Reasons To Love The British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is currently the oldest race event in the Formula One annual series. It is a highlight sporting event attracting fans from all around the world. The Silverstone track, where the British Grand Prix is held, has served as a favourite for a lot of drivers, current and previous. Shadow Carriage has experienced chauffeurs in Gatwick who can drive you to and from the venue in top-class, maintained and hygienic vehicles.

The challenging corners and the adrenaline of the British Grand Prix make it one of the most-watched British sporting events in the world. It is held on the Silverstone race track, which has played permanent host to the event since 2011. The Silverstone Circuit has seen all the all-time greatest racers such as Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, and Sebastian Vettel, race neck to neck. So why exactly do you think the F1 attracts thousands of fans and visitors every year?

F1 Cars Race To The Limit

Silverstone has stood out as a favourite track for a long list of famous racers around the world. The corners and drops on the Silverstone circuit have pushed F1 cars to their limits. The multiple factors that go into making an F1 car a true monster, are all tested duly and fully on the Silverstone circuit. The aerodynamics, build quality, endurance factor and the racer’s eligibility are all combined to actually produce a winner on the circuit. The corners of the Silverstone track from Maggotts all the way through Hangar Straight and Stowe are all performance tests of the ability of a racer and their car to finish first.

The History Runs Deep

Silverstone is the oldest racing track in the Formula 1 series, boasting the honour of hosting the first-ever Formula 1 World Championship in 1950. Since 1987, Silverstone has been home to the British Grand Prix consistently, with a total of 52 appearances overall. With such a rich history, also come the accolades that have been presented or achieved at Silverstone throughout the years. Silverstone now has a rich history of iconic Formula 1 moments which may need a whole other page to explain.

It’s Home Race For Many Racers

The relatively close location of Silverstone with the city serves a great purpose. The racing circuit serves as a home for a lot of racing teams. Lewis Hamilton’s famous record at Silverstone is often linked to it being his home race. Other than Hamilton alone, out of the 10 Formula 1 teams that race the annual series, SEVEN teams have their headquarters in the country. Racing Point is literally located just across the road from the main entrance of Silverstone, while Mercedes, Red Bull, Haas, Williams, Renault and Mclaren are all located in England. The close locations of headquarters to the track also provide an opportunity for a lot of other team members who are not part of the pit crew, to attend the race.

The Weather

The British Weather is rather unpredictable. In the past 5 years, racers and teams have experienced rainy weather, hot and dry weather, and cool and cloudy weather. The change of weather means a lot of the factors that go into the car producing a brilliant run have to change. The change of factors is the actual test of how good a racer, his car, and his team is. Lewis Hamilton has shown exceptional skills on Silverstone, despite the constantly changing weather and its characteristics.

The Formula 1 World Series is a combination of sports, adrenaline, tactics, strategies, engineering, science, human focus, human-response time, mathematics, and endurance – all in one. We could add several other factors to the list that go towards contributing to the overall performance of a car against all odds. Even a single factor changed by a tiny measure of scale, can tilt the odds in another direction. If that is not enough reason to love the Formula 1 Series, then you need another sport. The British Grand Prix is one of the most enduring races of the series. If you’re developing a newfound love for this sport, then the British Grand Prix is where you really need to start.

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