Bentley Flying Spur at Shadow Carriage, luxury exectutive chauffeur driven car service

Could the Luxury Car Market be in Decline?

While the markets for many products have slowed due to a sluggish global economy, many would expect the market for luxury items to remain the same or even improve. However, as it happens, the luxury car industry is not doing as well as it had hoped. Here’s a look at the factors affecting a slowdown […]

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Mercedes S-Class at Shadow Carriage, luxury exectutive chauffeur driven car service

Bentley Flying Spur, designed to be chauffeur driven

With the recent release of the second-generation Bentley Flying Spur, motorists have an opportunity to relax in style and elegance as they reach their destination in minimal time. The machine has been designed to combine luxury and power, and the impressive, 12-cylinder engine can carry passengers and drivers along in grace and virtual silence. The […]

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2014 Wedding fairs in Berkshire

The day of your wedding is meant to be a time of beauty and joy that will mark a new phase of your journey with the person you love most. However, planning a wedding can prove to be a nightmare. Every detail needs to be perfect, every aspect plotted, and it can leave you exhausted […]

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The Rolls-Royce Drophead – Arrive in Luxury

These days there is no shortage of automobile makers or automobile models that claim the term luxury as an accurate descriptor. Auto companies use the term so frequently to describe models across the industry – including midrange and inexpensive vehicles – that for many consumers the term has lost most, if not all, of its […]

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