New Car Specification Report Launched at MotorSpecs

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I came across MotorSpecs Car specification site this week, and it is FREE for a limited time. MotorSpecs allows you to Create, Configure and Share the Most Comprehensive Car Spec & Options Motor Vehicle Report.

The MotorSpecs Report Provides:

  • Original Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Spec and Options Data
  • Motor Vehicle Technical & Performance Information
  • Motor Vehicle Pricing & Running Costs
  • Motor Vehicle Market Valuation

You can also use this if you are selling your motor vehicle.

Motorspecs Motor Car Specification Report

Motorspec report


Original Motor vehicle Manufacturer Spec and Options Data

Accurate and comprehensive specification data for your vehicle. Every MotorSpecs report includes the deepest and most accurate specification based on original manufacturer information. MotorSpecs not only reveals the manufacturers Standard Spec, it also provides you with a full list of Optional Extras for the vehicle along with the original price of the extra.

Motorspec specifications


Motor Vehicle Technical & Performance Information

Each MotorSpecs report incorporates vast amounts of technical & performance data about the vehicle. If you want to know about the technical specifications, performance, dimensions, weights, safety or security then look no further. All of the manufacturer information on this vehicle from a technical perspective is available.

Motorspec technical specifications


Motor Vehicle Pricing & Running Costs

One of the most important considerations regarding any vehicle is its whole life running costs. A MotorSpecs report will reveal a wealth of information including the manufacturers Original List Price, the Fuel Economy figures, Fuel Tank Size, Road Tax Cost, Insurance Group Rating as well as the Manufacturers recommended service intervals and warranty information. When combined with our ultimate market valuation you get a really good picture of the overall running costs. You also get neat little details like how much it will cost to fill the tank and how far a full tank will get you.

Motorspec pricing and running cost


Motor Vehicle Market Valuation

MotorSpecs provides the ultimate in Market Valuations as part of the MotorSpecs Max. Not only will the valuation be based on the VRM and adjusted for mileage, but you will also have the ability to adjust for optional extras that were fitted to the vehicle by the manufacturer. No longer will you wonder just how much that factory fitted leather interior adds to the value of the vehicle.




I have only run my Free report, but the report provided far exceed anything i have seen or expected. I would be very happy to pay for this report when the time comes to check on a new car or sell my current car.

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