Motorsport at Goodwood | Festival of Speed

In the idyllic and charming parklands of Sussex lies the exemplary Goodwood House. Owned by the Duke and Duchess of Richmond, the Goodwood House has been a passionate supporter of many different sports, including the Festival of speed, which takes place every year on the enormous racecourse present on the Goodwood estate. 

The festival is set to happen this year as well with full force, commencing from the 23rd of June and going on till the 26th of June. 

The English And Their Love For Garden Parties

The English love a good garden party. And what better than enjoying the races in the midst of gardens and sipping fine wine? Probably nothing. The festival of speed is an enchanting garden party, which celebrates the world’s most glamorous sport: racing. 

The most intriguing thing about this event is that you can enjoy the races and look at the cars from a very close range. Guests can enjoy unrestricted access to some fantastic cars and even meet the drivers who are the reason for their recognition and acclaim. This is why the Festival Of Speed has an edge over other events. Have a ticket and planning on visiting Goodwood? Hire Shadow Carriage’s event transportation services to make a classy entrance at the event!

What To Expect From This Year?

The event is almost upon us and fans are extremely excited about what this year will bring to the Festival Of Speed. Well, Goodwood recently revealed that the theme of this year’s festival will be “The Innovators Masterminds Of Motorsport”. This is a celebration of innovation both on and off the circuit and the festival will focus on this aspect in greater detail. 

Goodwood also told the people that this year the centre feature will celebrate 50 years of BMW M, and showcase some of its most renowned and iconic models. Speculations have suggested that this year’s Festival Of Speed will see several thrilling launches from BMW M. The CEO Frank Van Meel even released a statement saying “I am particularly looking forward to unveiling a certain vehicle to the world’s public for the first time – a vehicle we have been waiting a long time for.”

If you ask us, we think this year’s theme is phenomenal. The developers, engineers, designers and drivers are the backbone of good cars. They are the ones who work day and night trying to develop something amazing, dealing with all the actual and potential flaws of the car and finding solutions to every tricky problem that arrives in their way. All these people deserve to be celebrated and recognized and this year’s Festival Of Speed is doing exactly that. 

The Duke Of Richmond also released a statement saying that the theme this year was to celebrate all the advances and achievements in the field of motorsport and at the same time focus on modern innovations and the use of better technology to improve cars.

A full run-down of the cars being showcased has not been announced as yet, but a few referenced by Goodwood are:

  • Ferrari
  • BRM
  • Rimac
  • Electric Avenue

As always, many unreleased cars will also be shown at the festival. They will be shown static as well as driving to show the visitors how well they can run. Future Lab and Electric Avenue will also be in attendance to show its new and improved electric cars to the world. Both of the companies made their debut in 2021 and are all set to be back this year. 

In addition, be ready to see many Formula 1 cars, drift displays and a huge number of champion drivers all set to make an appearance at the Festival. 

Enjoy The Perks Of Goodwood 

Apart from the races, there is a lot you can do at Goodwood. You can roam around the car park, admire amazing cars, and visit Goodwood’s restaurants and bars for some amazing food and wine. You can also check out the statue outside of Lord March’s house which changes every year to honour the theme of the festival. 

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