Luxury Wedding Cars: Your Guide to Choosing a Wedding Car

Magic and allure await you on your wedding day, but until that moment arrives, you have plenty of planning to do. Let one of these wedding cars carry you off into your special day with elegance, class and beauty.

Your Guide to Wedding Cars

Berkshire Luxury Wedding Cars

Mercedes Benz E Class

Elegance and sophistication reign supreme with this classic model. Blending old-world charm with modern luxuries and conveniences makes this car a superpower of transportation. This Mercedes wedding car has enough room for four people in its interior, so it’s the perfect ride for the bride and her parents on the way to the church, or it can offer a roomy trip to the airport for the newlywed couple.

This car is also a great idea for a small bridal party. Not all couples have half-a-dozen bridesmaids and groomsmen, but even those small parties need not miss out on luxury car transportation. Hiring a small car for the bridal party means that they can get to all of the events safely and at the right time. Since room exists for storage, the bridal party can be responsible for bringing favors, guest books and other extras to the venue. Space exists for these items, and sending them with the bridal party means the bride and groom don’t have to worry about it all.

The car provides comfort and safety for its passengers as the back seats are made out of soft and luxurious leather. Additionally, the passengers have control of the temperature. Brides everywhere need not worry that their hairstyles will turn into a frizzy mess before their grand entrance at the reception; they are free to keep the passenger space as cool and relaxed as they desire. After the wedding, the car has room in the pack so couples can pack up their extra favors, centerpieces and place cards from the party without a hassle.

While safety is always a concern when traveling in a vehicle, couples become hyper- aware of these issues as their wedding day approaches. One minor incident could mean that the entire wedding day agenda is thrown off. A larger accident or a major crash can mean a day of great tragedy for the couple and their family. Fortunately, this vehicle has Attention Assist and the Electronic Stability Programme to upgrade its safety features. The Mercedes E Class has also been known for its safety and stability throughout its lifetime, which provides extra peace of mind for the bride and groom.

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Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether you’re having your wedding in a bucolic setting or implementing every urbane and sophisticated detail you can imagine, you’ll want to arrive to the big event in style. While style is at the forefront of your wedding dreams, never compromise on safety for it. With the Mercedes Benz S Class, you can have both the opulence you’ve always dreamed of for your transportation to the wedding and the safety and security assurance you need to know that the celebration will go off without a problem.

Brides love to take elegant cars to their wedding ceremony and reception, but they often worry about fitting into the car with all the details of their dress. For brides who will dress like princesses, the S Class is the perfect solution. It offers an extra 10 inches of leg room, so brides will have plenty of room to stretch out and to place the gorgeous trains on their dresses. This model also can fit up to four people. Brides who always dreamed of traveling to their ceremony with their parents can do so in this car with plenty of extra space for everybody on the way.

This vehicle also has a lot of amenities that make it a suitable choice for your wedding day. Comfort is key in this car as the seats are made out of leather. They are also heated for weddings on chilly days, and you can recline them if you need to relax before walking down the aisle. Rear passengers also have the option to pull down tables. While you’re unlikely to be calculating figures and doing work on your wedding day, you might find that you need space to reapply makeup or to put down your purse and belongings. Staying hydrated is so important for your big day, and you can bring an optional refrigerator on-board to make that a possibility.

Having an eco-friendly wedding car is a trend that’s becoming more and more popular. Many couples who choose this path cut out transportation all together because they feel as though no environmentally-friendly options exist. The Mercedes S Class lets you treat Mother Nature with respect and travel to your celebration in style. It has Blue Efficiency engines to reduce emissions, and it’s technology is made to help reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly brides and grooms can be proud of the decisions they make with this car.


Rolls Royce Phantom

Having the Rolls Royce name to drive you to your wedding is filled with elegance and style, and it also ensures safety for you and the other passengers. This limousine-style car is a popular choice brides and grooms. You can travel to the airport on your way to the honeymoon together, or you can rent out this car for the members of your bridal party. No matter who is going for a ride in it, this car is one all ready for a big celebration.

Sitting in the car on the way to the church can be nerve-wracking for a bride, but fortunately, the Rolls Royce Phantom has optional Ipad connection with 4G. This means that you can listen to tunes as you prep yourself to walk down the aisle and see your sweetheart. This feature is also excellent for traveling to the reception. Weddings are days full of joy and celebration, so getting the music started a little bit earlier will help to infuse those vibes into every minute. Family and friends singing and dancing in the car makes for a perfect wedding video shot.

Not only does this car have connections to provide you with music on your journey, but you also have space for champagne. A wedding day isn’t complete without at least a few toasts, and now, you don’t have to wait until the reception starts before you’re able to do so. The passengers can sit and sip champagne while they are surrounded by pure comfort and opulence. The vehicle has deep lamb’s wool rugs and is fully air-conditioned to allow for maximum enjoyment. For weddings on hot summer days, brides need not worry that their hair and makeup will go asunder; they can take comfort in the cool breeze of the air conditioner.

Couples also love this car because they get to select if they want a black or pearl white vehicle. The more customization options that are available to the couple, the more they are able to make their wedding day their very own. A pearl white Phantom could be perfect for a light and airy wedding to be celebrated outdoors at a rustic venue, and the black choice could put the final touches on a wedding that will be known for its elegance, luxury and class. In any case, the couple will exude fine taste.

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Rolls Royce Drophead

Your wedding day is one that you want to last forever, and as a result, you’re willing to go to the extra length to fill every moment with joy and exhilaration. The Rolls Royce Drophead is the perfect finishing touch as it exudes glamour and elegance, but will also get you and your new spouse to all of your wedding day events with the highest safety standards in-mind. Your wedding is not a day for accidents, no matter how small, and going with a name brand you can trust helps to fight against that.

Imagine driving up to your wedding in a Rolls Royce. Now, picture doing it with the top down. When you choose this beauty, you can show off your confidence and carefree spirit. Of course, for those days where the wind is too much for a bridal hairstyle or the stunning snowflakes are falling down for a wedding winter wonderland, you can turn the cover back up and continue on with your ride. Up to four people can fit in the car so this can be an excellent way for the bride and her parents to get to the ceremony.

The Drophead offers a number of other intriguing and exciting features as well. It has heated seats and memory seating. When the weather is cold, everyone riding in the car can stay warm, and when they return from the church to drive to the reception, the seats will perfectly fit their form. For individuals who are spending the day in formal wear, having relaxation on the rides to and from the various events is crucial. Leather and carpets make the journeys even more soothing.

While this vehicle has fancy features that make it shine and safety ratings that will impress even the most skeptical of individuals, it also is the perfect car for a party. The vehicle has a state of the art sound system, so you can play tunes on the way to the wedding. Instead of having to sit in silence or build up nervousness and anxiety, the bride can listening to her wedding song to get her prepared for the big kiss and the party. This car is also an excellent option for the bridal party members on their way to the reception. Listening to music can help the get ready to encourage guests to dance the night away at the party.

Rolls Royce Wedding Car


Bentley Flying Spur

With a name like the Bentley Flying Spur, you don’t have to worry about style on your wedding day; you can be sure that it’s infused into every element of the event, even the car that you arrive in. This car has all of the trimmings and details you need for a perfect event. The color is pearl white, which matches perfectly with many gorgeous wedding gowns. The vehicle will also be driven by a Bentley chauffeur, so you’re assured of elegance, class and safety while you ride to the ceremony or reception space.

This car comfortably fits up to four people. The bride can travel here with her bridal party members for some last moments of girl talk before the ceremony, or the couple can have a lot of extra space on their way to the airport once the reception has ended. The car comes with multi-zone climate control, so individuals can warm up for a winter wedding or stay cool during the summer heat. This is particularly important for the female bridal party members and the bride. Keeping makeup on when it’s sweltering hot out is difficult, but it’s much easier if the car ride is cool and comfortable.

When you hire the Flying Spur for your wedding day, you’ll be treated to other amazing features as well. The interior of the car has been handcrafted, which makes the perfect backdrop for pictures. Photos of the bride and groom in the limo right after the wedding are popular, and you want to make sure these pictures look splendid. The premium grade leather and the wooden trim in the vehicle will add to the level of sophistication and class in these pictures to ensure that you have the finest the world can offer.

Even a minor problem can seem like a major fiasco on your wedding day, and this car helps to protect against that. The vehicle has a navigation system in it, so you can rest assured that you’ll get to all of your destinations without a problem. The vehicle also has some of the most modern updates, including traction control and continuous all-wheel drive. Knowing that you’re in a car crafted with the finest precision and attention to detail gives you the extra confidence to know that your wedding day is going to flow smoothly without any of those pesky interruptions you so fear.

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In one of our chauffeur driven luxurious wedding cars, you can relax and enjoy your big day whilst we cater to your timescales

A chauffeur driven car is essential for any wedding and we offer a range of highly desirable wedding cars for Hire, including the Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Drophead, Bentley Flying Spur and both the Mercedes Benz S Class and Mercedes Benz E Class.

Shadow Carriage aim to please at every point of the process starting with the detailed conversation we have with your when you make a booking, right through to the impeccable condition of our cars and the professionalism of our fully trained chauffeurs.

During your big day, your appointed chauffeur will ensure that you and your family are delivered to the event in style, class and in an unparalleled level of comfort. We understand that initial timescales can vary throughout the day and our friendly chauffeurs are happy to cater to that so that you relax and carry on your day with a smile.

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