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best time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

This festival is all about speed, passion, cars and madness. Motorsports events are probably the best thing happening in the world. It thrills you, excites you and keeps you on the edge at all times.

Honestly, this is what heaven looks like for speed-enthusiasts. Thousand of Adrenaline junkies flock to the Goodwood Festival of Speed from all over the world. It offers an opportunity for people to watch their favourite car and motorcycle racers compete for the trophy. This event deserves a dissection. Let’s dig deep and see what the event is all about. Also, let’s explore how you can have the most fun here:


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a 3-day event held at the Goodwill circuit. The event was formally officiated in 1993 by Lord March.

What we see today is the evolved format of the event. Initially, it was a single-day event. The first event was a success where a crowd of 25,000 came to witness. Eventually, this became a 3-day long event which includes weekend as well so that maximum spectators can participate and witness the exciting races.

Currently, a staggering 150 thousand spectators visit the tracks to see their favourite drivers compete for victory.

Prominent Attractions

This is the part that’ll appeal to those looking for pinnacle excitement. The Goodwood Festival of Speed offers several exciting events. Down below are the names and details for a few:

–      Hillclimb

For this one, the drivers compete to finish the track in the least time possible. The current record for completing the 1890m track is 39.9 seconds. This record was made by Romain Dumas in an Electric Volkswagen I.D.R.

–      Forest Rally Stage

What started as a mere display of skills for drivers quickly turned into a circuit for competing. In 2005, an uphill area in the event was designated for drivers to showcase their cars and their talents.

The forest track was widened for this purpose. The organizers were quick to realize the potential and a year later, the forest rally stage was introduced. This event attracts lots of spectators and offers an unmatched pump of passion and adrenaline.

–      The Arena

Those who wish to watch drivers performing tricks and stunt should visit here. The area is a dedicated track for drivers to showcase their talents. This tarmac track doesn’t offer competition but well, it’s fun to watch.

There are several other events. The Goodwood Festival of Speed has so much to offer that it’s impossible to witness it all. Picking a schedule and selecting the best events is the only way to utilize the opportunity to the maximum.

How to Get There?

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Final Thoughts

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