Happy New Year! Time to book your holiday!


Happy New Year!

If it’s still January, it’s still new!  2016 is SO last year – it’s time to focus, work hard and set some goals, like getting away from it all on your Easter and summer vactions!  January is definitely the best time to go shopping for holidays…

British Airways January Sale

2017 is new and fresh, so even if you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions, you can still start over and look to a better future. The British Airways January Sale is now on, so quite a lot of people have already been looking to the future, and who can blame them?  It’s always good to have the incentive of a nice holiday to get you through those dark, wintery days.  On Monday 5th January alone, The British Airways website experienced a HUGE increase in searches for travel packages and flights , with the majority happening during lunchtimes, as workers planned their escape from the daily grind.

Most Popular Holiday Searches

If we have a look at what people searched for, the most popular destinations include the usual suspects – not surprisingly.  Follow the links to see what’s on offer, so you can get luxury at the right price for you:

New York, USA

Orlando, Florida


Of course, there are HUNDREDS of other destinations aside from these, so if the options on BA’s website are just to many and varied to contemplate, here are a couple of specific holiday ideas you may wish to consider:

Holiday in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany as a whole is a great place to visit, whether you choose to stay in a self-catering apartment  in one of the peaceful villages in the Tuscan hills, or in a luxurious hotel in the heart of Florence. Tuscany’s warm, sunny climate, beautiful landscape, interesting historical towns and welcoming locals make for a wonderfully relaxing holiday.

Self-Catering in Tuscany

Tusscany, Italy

For self-catering, hire a car and choose one of the beautiful farmhouses dotted around the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Many have their own swimming pools, some even offer home-grown produce for you to cook with – there are also hosts who will prepare meals for you.  Visit the leaning tower in Pisa, take a stroll down the cobbled streets of Lucca, or simply bask in the sun surrounded by the lovely countryside.  Surrounded by olive and lemon trees, you’ll feel a world away from the grey skies and drudgery of daily life back home.


Hotel in Florence

Bedroom at the Grand Amore Hotel, Florence

Photo of bedroom from http://grandamorehotel.com/

Alternatively, live like a king for a week in the lively city of Florence – The Grand Amore Hotel and Spa promises a luxurious stay, with easy access to the many sights in the stunning medieval city of Florence.  Whichever your choice, the laid-back lifestyle offered by a holiday in Tuscany leaves you with a sense of calm and relaxation.  Just what the doctor ordered!  Flights to Tuscany go from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Holiday in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee

You may have heard of Nashville’s The Grand Ole Opry, the legendary spiritual home of  Country and Western music – but did you know that it also boasts over 150 live music venues offering every kind of music you’d care to hear?  This vibrant city is a great place to visit if your idea of heaven is seeing a different band every single day of the week – it is indeed ‘The Music City’.  A trip down the Honky Tonk Highway promises an all-day party atmosphere, and the many restaurants and bars on offer will cater to all kinds of tastes. When in Tennessee, you’ll surely need to try the slow cooked pulled pork, smoked ribs or fried catfish, all of which appear regularly on Nashville menus.


However, there’s another reason to visit Nashville in 2017 – 21st of August will see a total solar eclipse passing over the USA, with Nashville being right in the line of complete totality.  This breathtaking natural phenomenon is, for most, a memorable once-in-a-lifetime event: the moon completely covers the sun for a few minutes and plunges everything into an eerie twilight in the middle of the day.  The eclipse should certainly be a sight to behold, given Nashville’s sunny climate, but even if it is cloudy or even rainy on the day, the many attractions in Nashville will guarantee that you won’t go home disappointed.

Flights to Nashville go from Heathrow, but as are no direct flights,  you could plan a two centre holiday, by spending some time at the changeover cities of either Chicago, New York City or Dallas, Texas.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas, and once you’ve chosen you holiday destination, book your airport transfers with us – we can assure you the highest standard of service, ensuring that you reach the airport in comfort and style.   In fact, keep us in mind for all your business or personal travel needs this New Year – our pristine fleet of luxury cars and professional drivers are waiting to take your booking.