Hire A Car With Driver In London To Ease Your Travel

executive car service in London

Shadow Carriage is a luxury car service provider in London. We offer a luxurious means of transportation for our customers. We are licensed operators of Private Hire Vehicles. Some people might confuse PHVs with regular taxis. There is a significant difference between both terms. Taxis can be hired immediately and hailed on the streets, whereas PHVs must be pre-booked.

Our cars do not project any amber light displaying that they are up for hire, nor do they have a fitted taximeter. You will not find our vehicles queuing in taxi ranks and won’t see them advertising in any way or being covered in decals.

At Shadow Carriage, you can hire the epitome of luxurious cars to travel with ease and style in London.

Exceeding Expectations

For those looking for a luxury car service in London, we might just be your best bet. We can exceed your expectations if you define a luxury car service as a taxi for private hire. The main difference for a start is that you will get a chauffeur, not a driver. They are basically a concierge on wheels or a motorised butler to cater to all your needs. You get noble treatment by having someone to open doors for you, carry your luggage, charge your phone, and even hold your umbrella. With Shadow Carriage, you don’t just get a chauffeur; you get a highly exceptional chauffeur who will go the extra mile for your comfort.

Luxury Guaranteed

Your quest can now be fulfilled if you have had eyes for a luxurious car service. Our chauffeur-driven vehicles are exactly what you need to make your journey extravagant. We have the most luxurious vehicles waiting for you, like the silky smooth Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

For an elevated experience, you can choose the Range Rover Phantom Drophead. Take it further up a notch for super-luxury and choose Bentley and Rolls Royce. For larger groups of people, we have the Mercedes-Benz V-Class that has room for up to 7 seven while keeping comfort and style in check.

So it’s safe to say that Shadow Carriage is not just a luxury taxi service provider; it is much more than that. It is a state-of-the-art chauffeur company with luxury cars that keep your comfort as their first priority. Not only do we offer advice on journey times, but we also keep you well informed through all stages of the booking process. We allocate your personal chauffeur based on who is well suited for the requirements of your journey.

The best Chauffeur Cars

We have the best lavish cars with the correct elements of styles and the important wow factor. Let’s take you through some of the best options:

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The firm’s favourite and beloved of the clients, the S-Class is the best chauffeur car that has yet to be beaten. For many years, the S-Class has set the standards for style and safety. The newly launched seventh-generation brings more to the table. It has a consistent performance that is its key factor and has intense competition with Audi and BMW. The S-Class extravagant limo has lashings of technology, safety, and style.

  • Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The perfect fit when travelling in groups of more than four. It can carry up to seven passengers along with their luggage. It can be called a stylish minivan that is the absolute best for group travel. This class is versatile and capable, always the chauffeur’s first choice in people carriers. The Mercedes pure-electric EQV luxury is very eco-friendly and has mounted the EQV’s battery pack under the flooring. This means that there is not much difference in the volume of interior space as compared to the standard V-Class.

  • Roll-Royce Phantom

It is always in the running for the fittest best chauffeur car award. It is handcrafted in the Goodwood. A space-age aluminium chassis is fused with the finest quality leather and woodwork. This car is without a doubt one of the most exquisite chauffeur cars.

Looking for the best executive car service in London? Shadow Carriage is your one solution to all the problems. So book one of our cars now for the most memorable ride of your life.