Great Spring RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

Great Spring RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Just 15 minutes away from London is the Royal Hospital Grounds, where the remarkable Chelsea Flower Show takes place. A plush display of flowers and greenery- Chelsea flower show is the perfect opportunity for garden lovers to visit and enjoy the show. 

The event shall take place from 21st September to 26th September. It is a famous hotspot for celebrities and royalties who love gardens and flowers. Normally, the show runs for 5 days, with the first 2 days restricted for members only. Members can attend on other days as well. However, this year, considering the pandemic, the event will be held for six days. 

Some rules for the event

Considering Covid-19, there are certain rules that the management has set up. The additional day that’s mentioned above has also been set up to lower the headcount. All the attendees are encouraged to follow the rules and ensure the safety of everyone around.

While the proof of negative test isn’t required, it will be highly appreciated that visitors take up the lateral flow test before attending the show. To ensure everyone’s safety, several protocols have been put in place:

  • Social distancing will be ensured at the entrance queue and other important points like the food area.
  • This year, the parking space will be larger to avoid any commotion.
  • Everyone will be asked to cover their faces with masks, no exception to the rule.
  • The event will ensure that most transactions can happen without transfer of cash,
  • Sanitizers shall be available at different spots for the convenience of attendees.

There are other rules as well which the visitors shall know upon arrival.

How to get there?

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Local Chauffeurs

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Final Thoughts

Chelsea Flower Show is an amazing opportunity for socializing and enjoying nature. If you wish to make a formidable entrance to the show, then book our cab. We’ll love to chauffeur you around the area. Our bookings are open 24/7, and our sales reps are available to assist you at all times!