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The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class car is a masterful example of how luxurious the mere act of travel can be. Car manufacturers are closer to fully autonomous cars than ever before, and the S-Class reflects these futuristic ambitions. Though the S-Class is not quite self-driving, its close. The aesthetically pleasing vehicle exemplifies the classic beauty expected from Mercedes-Benz, with a domed roof and a coup-like look, but its classic exterior is merely the cover for a feature-filled and comfort-focussed interior.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Chauffeur-Driven Car

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Chauffeur-Driven Car

On the inside of the S-Class car, space is substantial. The car is designed with owners who use chauffeurs in mind, allowing a wealth of room in the rear seating. The space is filled with features designed to maximise comfort. The seats can be easily adjusted, heated or cooled, along with the armrests. Cup holders can be set to keep your drinks warm or cool. There are folding tables, climate control is automatic and an air-freshening spray keeps the smell pleasant.

In the front seats, one display provides the driver with information, such as the navigation system, while the other display deals with entertainment and comfort control. The car interior is beautiful and sleek, with wooded dashboards. A surround sound audio system provides a high-tech experience, and the the audio system allow text messages and emails to be read out loud for convenience and safety.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Chauffeur-Driven

The S-Class was made when self-driving cars are just around the corner, and many impressive and new technical features make this car a preview of whats to come in autonomous cars. A tailback and steering assistant helps reduce rear-end collisions, saves fuel and lowers driver stress. Using this system, the car can detect the car in front of it, staying in line and keeping a safe distance. The vehicle can brake, accelerate and even steer on its own in some cases, so in stressful driving situations, the driver can relax.

This vehicle is the first vehicle to have complete LED lighting inside and out. Added technology allows variation in light intensity, wherein the brake lights are reduced when reasonable: at night and at traffic lights.

Mercedes S Class 2

Numerous other impressive additions are available by choice. Sensors and other autonomous technologies include options such as night view thermal imaging, which can detect animals and people on the road. Theres also an attention assist option, informing you when you should stop for a break and grab a coffee to wake up. The Magic Body Control feature adjusts suspension automatically by detecting the road ahead of it.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class chauffeur-driven car is an impressive example of technology. Combining safety, entertainment, comfort and convenience, this car provides its owner with the best possible experience. The classic beauty of the Mercedes-Benz is not overshadowed by the latest technologies; instead the two coexist in perfect harmony.

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