Everything to know about Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Formula 1 British Grand Prix is an iconic event that attracts global attention. Something that has such a massive following deserves a closer look. It’s a speed fiesta that is full of thrill, passion, and fun. Visitors are high on adrenaline to support their favourite teams.

This is one event that everyone looks forward to. It’s a show that’s worth the watch.

From the details about races to the event venue, here’s all you need to know about the Formula 1 British Grand Prix:


The Formula 1 British Grand Prix is held at Silverstone since 1948. It has a rich history of over 8 decades.

The event started with a bang and managed to gather over 100 thousand visitors for the first one. Since then, it has continued to be a formidable one to date. Visitors from all around the world come in their luxurious vehicles to witness this speed gala.

Shadow carriage is honoured to have a solemnised relation to the F1 British Grand Prix. We receive the honour to transport F1 drivers, sponsors and team members to the venue. They choose our luxury taxi service and love to be chauffeured around.

We have been trusted partners of important sporting personalities that visit this event.

Impact of the recent Pandemic & 2021 event

Prior to the Covid-19, the event saw a massive attendance of over half a million visitors. In 2019, the event was celebrated with unmatched enthusiasm until the unanticipated pandemic hit. Fans were disappointed to not have attended the 2020 event.

Many fans moved their tickets to the 2021 event. This year, the Formula 1 British Grand Prix is all set to welcome over 100 thousand fans from all over the world. The first ever sprint race shall take place this year.

Fans have their eyes laid on the event and are restless to witness their favourite drivers rev their cars to finish first. The fans anticipate a close, nerve racking competition between Mercedes and Redbull.

Sir Lewis Hamilton representing Mercedes is facing a tough challenge from an equally competent Max Verstappen who is representing the Red Bull. Fans from all around the globe will witness this tough competition on their screens while ESPN telecasts this event live.

However, the lucky ones can witness the race on the racecourse and support their favourite drivers with enthusiastic screams!

How to have a luxury experience there?

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Final Thoughts

F1 British Grand Prix is amongst the most prominent events that the country has to offer. Shadow Carriage is a premium event transportation service that ensures visitors have a comfortable stay.

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