Commute In Style For The Famous Rugby League World Cup 2021

Commute In Style For The Famous Rugby League World Cup 2021

Ah, Rugby. The sport of manly men. The 3rd biggest sport in the UK and beloved by many. In fact, Rugby has gained a lot of popularity across the globe. A full-contact sport that is played by two teams of thirteen players, it found its humble beginnings in Yorkshire and became officially codified in 1871. And it was in 1895 that the Rugby League of England broke away from the North Rugby Football Union. It later spread to Australia and New Zealand, where today rugby is played with a lot of joy and fervour. In fact, the sport is such a hit in Australia and New Zealand, that it broke several TV viewership and stadium attendance records in that area decades down the line from when it spread.

Global Rise

A very rough sport, it is immensely beloved in England. And, as stated before, it has started to gain notoriety in Asia and the Americas. The love for rugby became so strong in Papua New Guinea that they adopted it as the national sport. And it has recently become very popular in Jamaica. So much so, that they have just qualified for the Rugby League World Cup for the first time in their history.

Speaking of the Rugby League World Cup, it is just like any other world cup. Sixteen teams compete in it. The most successful team in the competition is that of Australia who have won the competition a whopping eleven times. The second most successful are England, who have won the world cup three times, with only New Zealand having won it once.

Aussie Dominance

The love for rugby in Australia definitely explains the eleven world cups, and it also explains the fact that Australia hold the record for the highest average attendance and highest growing average attendance in a rugby world cup.

English Hosts

This time, the hosting rights have been given to England after a very successful campaign to win the hosting rights. England has 18 venues capable of hosting the matches.

This Rugby League World Cup will definitely be a spectacle to see. For many reasons. England’s revitalized squas is sure to put up a fight to challenge current champions Australia for the title. While, Australia will look to retain the title and their level. New Zealand and other nations will go into the World Cup as underdogs. And debutant Papua New Guinea might make waves that people wouldn’t expect.


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