Chauffeurs are Professional Drivers…. just not as exciting

Mercedes S-Class at Shadow Carriage, luxury exectutive chauffeur driven car service

We wanted to put a page together of Chauffeurs online, however searching Chauffeurs online led to some rather dull results. As Chauffeur drivers we consider ourselves as Professional drivers, and these results are far more exciting.

We use our amazing skills to get you where you need to be on time, just don’t say “step on it”

We don’t have any Mini’s in our fleet of chauffered vehicles …. but we might reconcider

Phew !

We dont have any Limos in our vehicle fleet, but if we did, this would certainly not have happened.

What they don’t know is their chauffeur is a professional Hollywood stunt driver about to spice up the ride. Four guys, one limo and one wild driver to take them on the wildest stunt and drifting experience of their lives.