Chauffeur Services For The All-Famous London Derby: West Ham Vs Chelsea

London Derby West Ham Vs Chelsea

Football is deeply ingrained into the DNA of the UK, considering the sport originated here. People from all walks of life like football, from the Royals like Prince William, who is an Aston Villa fan, to all the working-class people all around England who support all manners of teams, whether they be from their own region or city, or the biggest clubs in England, like Manchester City or Liverpool.

Football is everywhere, and the Premier League season always brings excitement and joy to all English football fans. Whether it’s going to your city’s teams stadium or whether it’s an away day with the boys. And one of the biggest joys of football is rivalries. The two teams with ties, either historically built or forged in the heat of battles on the pitch. Derbies bring about some of the best moments throughout the football season, whether it be the Premier League or the lower tiers of English football.

Some of the most iconic moments in recent English history have been through football, like Sergio Aguero’s Premier League-winning goal for Manchester City in 2011, or the iconic draw in the North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal in the 2003-04 season, the one point from which allowed Arsenal to win the Premier League in an undefeated season which, today, is known as the ‘Invincibles’ season in English football. Football always manages to send a wave of emotions, whether it be the sheer joy of winning or the immense sadness of losing, throughout the UK.

London Derbies

Just like the North London Derby, some of the most iconic derbies in English football originate from London. Chelsea, one of the most successful and historic clubs in England currently, has been a part of such derbies, along with West Ham, who are one of the most prestigious and historic clubs in England. The new Premier League season kicked off with a bang, and both Chelsea and West Ham season have seen an immense rise in success, with Chelsea just coming off of a Champions League win with their sort of new manager, Thomas Tuchel, and West Ham having achieved a Europa League spot under David Moyes, who has overseen the club’s recent rise through the ranks.


Fixtures are always shuffled every season, and this time, the first match-up between the two London clubs has been marked for 4th December 2021. With the worst of the Covid restrictions over, the fans have long since returned to the stadiums, and this time, after over a year and a half of not seeing the inside of a stadium, there seems to be a new appreciation for every match. With fans enjoying every game, derby or not, the best they can.

West Ham and Chelsea are two big English clubs that have fans all over London and all over the country too who will gather at the London Stadium for the match, which is West Ham’s home ground. Meaning it’ll be an away day for the Chelsea fans. Well, whether you’re a Chelsea fan or a fan of the Irons, everyone has to travel to the stadium, and if you have already bought a ticket to the game, you will need transport. Maybe even a service that specifically caters transportation to big events?


After all, who wants to experience London traffic on a match day. You have good tickets and you want to go to the match and enjoy, while supporting your team, drinking a few pints, and bantering the rival team’s fans.

Well, we are the transport service that you should employ. We offer a smooth, luxury ride, with a chauffeur to drive you to from the stadium. In fact, we offer a choice of cars such as Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class and S-Class lines, and even the ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost line, so that you can pull up to the match with all the style in the world.

Or, if you’ve planned to spend the day with your friends, you can hire our Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which, with our experienced chauffeurs, will give you expert navigation and timely arrival at the stadium.

With our fixed rates, the brilliant service of our chauffeurs, who will cater to your every whim, and the peaceful and luxurious ride of our top of the line, perfectly maintained cars, you will experience a matchday as you’ve never experienced before.


Football can be exciting, but too often, the night out that people experience can be uncomfortable or riddled with traffic, ruining the highs and lows of the match that you can experience. Our event transportation service guarantees that you reach to and from your destination with the utmost comfort, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of the day to its fullest.