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There is a new online system that helps chauffeurs kill dead miles. Even though it has only been available for a few days, people are already seeing how it is making an impression on the industry. The new online system is called BePoB, and it is estimated that over 100 drivers in the United Kingdom have already signed up for it. It is estimated that many more drivers will sign up within the next few weeks. This is the only chauffer network system in the United Kingdom.

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According to Chris Willis, the manager online chauffer system has had a major success rate. He stated that 22 jobs were posted using this system, and 21 of them have been filled already. They were also able to find a Berlin driver for 5:00 a.m. the next day through the systems Twitter account.

Greg Jones works at Destiny Travel. He used the system to post two jobs, and they were both filled within one hour. He also stated that he has received excellent feedback from his clients, and he will definitely be using BePoB in the future.

The question is, What does the future of BePoB look like? Chris stated he is not worried about the future of the system. He stated that his primary concern now is getting more members into the system. The concept only works if a lot of drivers are using it. Chris stated that his goal was to attract more members, and right now, everything is on target. He also stated that when drivers start using the service every day, they will be able to get deals on tyres, insurance and contract hires.

There is a similar app that is currently in development and will most likely be available in January. This app will make it easier to post jobs and make them visible sooner. Chris stated that the preliminary version of the site was launched on September 1st, 2013. The site is still in the development phase. That has been a bonus because the developers have been able to take peoples experiences on the site into account. The new app is something that people have been requested a lot, and developers are looking forward to launching it in January.

It is very easy to use BePoB. All one has to do is visit the site and register. After a person has registered with the site, he or she will be asked for insurance details, drivers license and insurance details. That information will need to be sent to the local BePoB office. One will be able to send and accept jobs after registering with the site and sending the important information to the BePoB office. After the request has been sent, it will be posted to all members.


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