Chauffeur Car of the Year 2013

Mercedes S-Class at Shadow Carriage, luxury exectutive chauffeur driven car service

What is the Chauffeur Car of the Year 2013? Actually, there are two cars that achieve status in this category. Editor Paul Gibson of explains more in a recent Youtube video. There are two categories based on price. Luxury is not an option in these beauties.

It is expected. After all, why purchase a chauffeur car that isn’t ready to escort clients in style? One key factor is passenger space. After all, that is critical to the customer’s comfort. Another key factor is the cost to the driver both in terms of value and fuel economy.

Best Chauffeur Car Under 50,000

In the most affordable range, the BMW 5GT beat out Audis and other competition. calls it BMW’s best-kept secret because it manages to exude BMW’s best qualities while offering one of the most affordable prices for a chauffeur car today. It measures up well to both the 5-series and 7-series saloons.

What would make a driver love it? Well, the cockpit offers the BMW’s sleekness with Seven-style controls and dashboard. This is very friendly, which makes it just what a chauffeur needs when coping with hours on the road or hours spent idling while waiting for a client to return.

What makes it positive for clients? The car is designed with rear body-hugging seats. These chairs are deep enough to do the job right. The bench can slide back and forth, adding legroom. The height is good, too, with a better view of the road for the rear passengers. Headroom is as good as the BMW X5. Style and tech are in line with the competition.

What makes it positive for both? The car’s suspension is like the Seven, making this a silky ride for those in the backseat as well as the hard-working driver up front.

What is the cost factor? Obviously any Chauffeur car needs to provide a return on the investment. suggests that the 530GT represents an affordable value. A 60,000 mile contract might run 525 per month while a 12,000 mile contract might run 599. Based on these figures, the initial investment could pay off quickly.

Best Chauffeur Car: 50,000-to-75,000 Range

In the 50,000-to-75,000 Range, picked the Audi A8L. This vehicle has a long wheel base, adding vital room to the rear seats and more boot space than competitors. Better still, it has a sleek and sexy look, giving it curb appeal.

What would make a driver love it? This car has standard all-wheel drive, which many competitors don’t. That makes it a real plus in wet or snowy conditions.

What makes it positive for clients? The rear passenger volume is excellent. It truly allow clients to stretch out and make themselves at home. If they want to relax, the full-leather seats recline. If they want to work or play, the car offers wi-fi.

What makes it positive for both driver and client? The interior is kept quiet by features such as double-glazed side windows and Audi’s adaptive air suspension. An advanced climate control system gives everyone the ability to control their own air flow and temperature. The result is a truly comfortable ride for both the driver and the client.

What is the cost factor? The affordable lease rates make the Audi A8 L a better choice than similarly-priced competitors. In addition, the 250-plus horsepower engine can still get 40-plus miles per gallon. This bodes well for long-term savings on fuel. editor Paul Gibson noted in the Youtube video that there were many competitors waiting on the horizon. There should be some serious competition from new models. In terms of fuel economy, style, and value, the current winners are clearly the Audi A8L and the BMW 5GT.