Bentley Flying Spur, designed to be chauffeur driven

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With the recent release of the second-generation Bentley Flying Spur, motorists have an opportunity to relax in style and elegance as they reach their destination in minimal time. The machine has been designed to combine luxury and power, and the impressive, 12-cylinder engine can carry passengers and drivers along in grace and virtual silence.

The Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur - Chauffered Service - Shadow Carriage

While the Bentley Flying Spur is designed for speed, the machine’s engineers also added a host of features that create a smooth ride on the roughest roads. With air springs in the front and rear that are softer than the Flying Spur’s predecessor, and anti-roll bars that are designed to absorb energy, the machine can easily take the shock away from passengers and ensures a gentle ride at top speeds.

Designed to be driven by a chauffeur, the Flying Spur even hired a specialised company to test the car, and the final results are nothing short of stunning. The smooth engine shifts like butter, and while power may develop gradually, the vehicle can easily accelerate to more than 62 miles per hour in just over four seconds. Top speeds can reach more than 200 miles per hour, and the Flying Spur is specially designed to eliminate the sounds and vibrations of the powerful engine from entering the interior cabin.


The first-generation Flying Spur sold nearly 20,000 models since the start of 2005, and the recent upgrades are ideally suited to business executives who prefer to relax in style as a professional ensures that they arrive on time. In Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICS), the popularity of traditional sedans is enjoying a remarkable comeback, and the Flying Spur’s sombre style holds a certain amount of gravitas amongst the world’s leading executives. Bentley noticed a growth increase that topped 22 per cent last year, and the demand was largely fuelled by the emerging consumer market in China, which remains one of the world’s leading markets after the US, another of the countries in which motorists seems to favor saloon styles.


Wherever the inspiration for the newly designed Flying Spur hails, the stunning vehicle is quite difficult to critique. The handsome exterior styling is smooth and sleek at the same time, and the machine seems to transport drivers to a time period when superior craftsmanship truly made a difference. The interior is delightfully outfitted with hand-polished accents, and the leather seats have been stitched by hand. Blending traditional comforts with state-of-the-art technology, the Bentley Flying Spur fuses the best of both worlds in a comprehensive driving machine that is ideal for modern motorists.


The W12 engine offers six litres of performance, and a specially designed material has been installed in the doors and floors to create a sound-proof driving experience. Bringing motorists the comforts of a limousine in a machine that is designed for optimum performance, the Flying Spur is truly phenomenal. The aluminum exterior is engineered for performance and aesthetics, and the crisp lines flow smoothly along the shoulder. With Flying Bs at the front of the doors, the exterior is accented, and the powerful motor has plenty of air to breathe.

Bentley Interior - Luxury Chauffeured Service - Shadow Carriage

With a luxurious interior, as one would fully expect from Bentley, Flying Spur passengers can relax into quilted leather seats that are enhanced with knurled wooden knobs. Since the powerful machine is designed to be driven by a chauffeur, occupants who are in the rear seat can catch up on the morning news and enjoy the pair of LCD monitors that are mounted directly in the seat backs. Each LCD television has its own USB, DVD player and SD-card that transforms a morning commute into an entertaining experience. With a touch-screen remote that controls the Flying Spur’s climate-control system, passengers can easily dial in optimal temperatures and relax as they are whisked around the world in style.

Bentley Flying Spur Car Hire

Our Bentley car hire service brings you the embodiment of elegance
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With the Bentley Flying Spur you hire one of the worlds most exclusive vehicles. We operate primarily with specific cars because of their exclusivity, high safety standards and opulent interiors.

Bentley Flying Spur

Our Bentley Continental Flying Spur has proven to be a beautiful wedding vehicle, with a very spacious interior it provides luxurious comfort. Finished in Pearl white and driven by a special Bentley chauffeur, our flying Spur will make any wedding day a day to remember and cherish. Glamorous and very romantic, the Bentley is an exceptional wedding carriage whilst an extravagant vehicle for any occasion. Our Bentley car hire service is also requested as a business taxi or luxury taxi to provide that VIP touch for our corporate or private car hire clients.