6 Ways To Travel Safely During A Pandemic

Chauffeur Services

Like most places in the world, the United Kingdom is also under strict lockdown these days. However, people are still permitted to leave their homes for work and other necessities. Fortunately, Shadow Carriage offers the best chauffeur service that is ready to take you anywhere you need to be during these critical times.

This does not mean that you are not required to be extra cautious while travelling these days.

To make sure that you would stay safe while travelling from one place to another, we have compiled some of the important guidelines for you.

  • Travel as less as possible

There is no doubt that the most effective way to avoid the further spread of the virus is to travel as minimum as possible. However, if you need to go somewhere, either because of financial, medical or any other important reason, it is best to choose a transport booking service. 

Rather than travelling in your or your friend’s car, you should hire a reputable transport service like Shadow Carriage because, given the critical situation at hand, it is extremely dangerous to share each other’s cars. 

Although one can share their car with other family members or people living under the same roof, one must refrain from taking an outsider’s car. 

Even if you are hiring a taxi service, it is prudent to not share with someone you do not share a roof with.

  • Cover it all up

It is your legal, ethical and societal responsibility to cover your face while travelling anywhere these days. Thereby, no matter how sanitised or clean the vehicle seems, it is still incumbent for you to wear a mask while travelling. 

Putting the mask on not just reduces your chances of inhaling viral particles, but also protects other people from potential health hazards. Furthermore, there is no way one can know how and when a viral strand can infect them, so it is better to be as cautious as possible.

If you think that wearing a mask can ruin your dressing or the look you were going for, feel lucky for now, the market is fraught with masks of various designs and patterns. So now you can pick a mask that compliments your attire and rock your look without risking your safety.

  • Get the right spacing 

Cars are closed or confined spaces, which means travelling in them during the pandemic is not free from danger. However, with a bit of keenness, you can significantly reduce the risk of potential transmission. For instance, by choosing to sit diagonally to your driver, you would be placing yourself farthest from them and thus you would be at much less risk of inhaling a viral strand that could come out of your driver’s nostril or mouth.

  • Always keep a sanitiser with you

Since you can never know if your hired transport would have a hand sanitiser, you should always keep a bottle of a good disinfectant with you all the time. Regardless of how clean and sanitised the vehicle seems, you can never know how many dangerous pathogens are roaming around in it. 

Keeping your hand sanitiser would allow you to disinfect your hands after touching anything. 

  • Do not touch your face

So many times we do not know that we are touching our nose, eyes, and mouth. That is because oftentimes it becomes our habit to touch our face. It has been estimated that an average human touches their face at least 16 times a day. 

If you are travelling via a cab service, you should bear in mind that countless people use this vehicle and thus countless germs are likely roaming around. Therefore it is best if you keep your hands to yourself or else you would be exposing yourself to numerous pathogens. 

  1. Ventilation 

It is no secret that closed spaces are the ideal spaces for pathogens and poisonous gases to accumulate. An atmosphere as dense as this is not recommended to travel in. Therefore it is always vital to have an outlet for the nice gush of fresh air. 

We, at Shadow Carriage, understand that only a need could compel you out of your home during these days, therefore we make sure to provide our customers with the healthiest atmosphere.